The D707 Route


Here’s a few words straight from the horses mouth… 

Just to confirm what has already been said... The D707 is seriously beautiful! 

It was even more beautiful in real life. To the West were mountains and to the East dramatic sand dunes. Wild Oryx, with warrior like painted faces, lined the track and broke out into a fast run as we approached.…

“The most beautiful road I’ve done in a long time”, “the Tirasberg region… 230 km from the nearest shop?” It was the best”, “Chose a tree and stayed 3 days… only saw Oryx etc. No people’


Namibia has many superb dirt roads but the D707 rates among the best.

GPS start: S26.25114 E16.58594
GPS end: S25.53703 E16.32139
Distance: 123 km
Time required: 2 hours

Imagine towering, bright orange sand dunes on your right and the vast prairie of the Namib-Naukluft National Park on your left.
Add a herd of proud gemsbok racing over the dunes and a scaly pangolin darting across the road before disappearing into the grasslands and you get the idea.

Attractions along the way: It may sound perplexing to some but there is absolutely nothing to do on this road except to appreciate the scenery!

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